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About Us

A trusted name in the industry for manufacturing and supplying pure organic ginger powder in the market.

We are offering ginger powder & ginger products of the highest quality to our customers. Our ginger powder is:

  • Free from contaminants and additives.

  • Redolent, fragrant smelling, fresh,

  • 100% pure & natural, giving a high nutritive value and longer shelf life.

Mama Ginger Powders are:

  • Produced according to the Malaysia KKM guideline and practices ensuring its quality and hygiene.

  • Certified by “MESTI”, a license issue by Kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia.

  • Also certified “Halal” by JAKIM.

Licensing & Supplier Quality Control

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We also always ensure the cleanliness of the premises either inside, outside or processing of products.